Written by Skip Webster
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Bruce Bilson
Original Air Date: March 2, 1973

All havoc breaks loose when Shirley buys a cuckoo clock for $29 at Bartlet's Department Store. It seems Bartlet's has recently installed a computer to handle all their accounts. When Shirley receives her computerized bill for the clock, it reads $290 instead of $29. She goes down to the store to straighten things out with Mr. Atwater. Atwater apologizes and instructs the computer operator, Tom, to program the 1984-Z to move the decimal point and correct the bill to read $29. (Tom is quite impressed with Laurie.)

The decimal point is moved -- but the wrong way! Shirley's bill is now $2,900. The computer has sent bad risk notices to other companies, ruining the Partridge's credit rating. It has also had a collection agency pick up the check from the family's last engagement.

Shirley again goes to Bartlet's; things are quite out of hand. While she's seeing the manager, Laurie leads a picket line outside the store. When they arrive home, the collection agency has repossessed all their furniture!

More promises from Atwater don't satisfy the kids. They form a conspiracy. While Laurie flirts with Tom and gets him to desert his post at the computer, Danny distracts Atwater and Keith tinkers with the computer. Shirley soon receives a check for $50,000! When Atwater rushes over to get the check back, the Partridge's tease him a little but finally return it. When everything is straightened out, Shirley realizes that the cuckoo clock doesn't even work!

"Maybe Someday," music and lyrics by Austin Roberts and John Hill (on Notebook)

Guest Cast:
Mr. Byron Atwater ---------------------------------- Alan Oppenheimer
Tom Baker ------------------------------------------- John David Carson
Mr. Gordon ------------------------------------------ Robert F. Simon
George ----------------------------------------------- Lou Frizzel
Harlan Laws ----------------------------------------- Vic Tayback

Tube Trivia:
- Songwriter Austin Roberts had a hit record of his own ("Something's Wrong With Me"), penned with fellow Partridge Family songwriter Danny Jannsen. He also sung lead vocals for the music from "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?"
- Alan Oppenheimer portrayed Wink Burgess in Episode 16, and also appeared in episode 87. He portrayed Rudy Wells in "The Six Million Dollar Man."
- John David Carson was the other finalist for the role of Keith Partridge.
- Robert F. Simon was one of the actors who portrayed Darrin's father on "Bewitched."
- Vic Tayback is best remembered for the role of Mel on "Alice." He also appeared in Episodes 7 and 37.

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