Written by Michael Leeson
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Ross Bowman
Original Air Date: January 12, 1974

Shirley Partridge joins an art class and is encouraged by her teacher, Lorenzo Bernard, who says she shows a natural artistic ability. When she shows off one of her paintings to the family, the kids think it's awful but pretend to like it to not hurt her feelings. When Lorenzo begins coming to the house to give Shirley private lessons, the kids are suspicious about his intentions.

They enlist the help of Reuben in getting an expert's opinion on their mother's painting talent. The art expert agrees the painting is bad. But, by now, Lorenzo has talked Shirley into showing her paintings at the annual San Pueblo Art Festival and Shirley is beginning to think she might really have talent.

At the art show, the kids devise an elaborate plan to protect Shirley's feelings and not let her see how much people dislike her paintings. Shirley catches them in the act and makes them confess their true opinions of her artwork. Shirley decides she's been taking her hobby way too seriously and from now on she'll just paint for fun. She tells Lorenzo to get himself a new protégé.

"I'll Never Get Over You," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Bulletin Board)

Guest Cast:
Lorenzo Bernard ------------------------------------------- Alan Oppenheimer
Mr. Neumeyer --------------------------------------------- Liam Dunn
Woman # 1 ------------------------------------------------ Molly Dodd
Man #1 ---------------------------------------------------- Gordon Jump
Man # 2 --------------------------------------------------- Bob Givens
Mrs. Kleven ----------------------------------------------- Monty Margretts

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