Written by Ron Friedman
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Jerry Bernstein
Original Air Date: November 6, 1970

LaVon LaVeen LaVern is a sexy woman who knows very little about stocks. Danny Partridge knows little about sex, but a lot about stocks. Through Danny's stock tips, LaVon manages to profit substantially on the market. The problem is LaVon's mobster boyfriend, Harry, thinks Danny (whose age he doesn't know) is trying to "move-in" on LaVon. Harry, whose hesitation to wed LaVon has caused her to lose interest in him, still blames Danny for what happened. He hires two thugs, Rocco and Skee, to "lean on" the ten year old tot and the two men reluctantly do as they are told. They give Danny a verbal warning to stay away "or else."

Danny, a realist at heart, scares himself sick thinking of the "or else" possibilities. He stakes out in his own home where his singing siblings can't get Danny to tell them what's wrong. Reuben thinks it's merely Danny's latent insanity coming to the fore. Shirley is absolutely convinced something's wrong when Danny loses interest in the economic situation. Ultimately Harry learns of Danny's age and sends Rocco and Skee to find Danny -- who runs at the sight of the approaching thugs. A frenzied chase through alley-ways ends with Rocco and Skee capturing him and bringing him home to am embarrassed Harry and a relieved mom. LaVon finally gets Harry to say "I do." Rocco and Skee become firm friends with the little-boy broker who almost broke away!

"That'll Be The Day," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Up To Date)

Guest Cast:
Harry ---------------------------------------------- Pat Harrington, Jr.
LaVon --------------------------------------------- Barbara Rhoades
Skee ----------------------------------------------- Dick Bakalyan
Rocco --------------------------------------------- Vic Tayback
Investor ------------------------------------------- Jack Collins
Chavez -------------------------------------------- Julio Medina
Minister ------------------------------------------- Henry Hunter

Tube Trivia:
- Pat Harrington, Jr. is best known for playing Schneider on "One Day At A Time." He was also a regular on "The Steve Allen Show," "The Danny Thomas Show," and "Mr. Deed Goes To Town." He also appeared in Episode 82.
- Vic Tayback is best known for playing Mel on "Alice," which co-starred Dave Madden. He also appeared in Episodes 37 and 70.
- Jack Collins also appeared in Episode 71.
- "The Partridge Family Album" was released in stores this week.  By the end of the year it had sold over one million copies, reaching #4 on the LP charts.

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