Written by Bob Rodgers
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Original Air Date: December 10, 1971

Reuben brings the schedule for the Partridge Family summer tour and Shirley doesn't like the prospect of driving the bus for two months. They decide to hire a driver.

Most of the people who answer the ad are lousy drivers -- until Johnny Burnhardt comes along. He helps them fix the bus and then is interviewed by the family. They tell him he is hired.

Danny begins to notice that Johnny is doing some strange things on the road. He makes lots of phone calls, looking around to see that no one is watching. Then, he runs into a guy he knows at a gas station and takes money from him. Danny suspects that he is a floating bookie.

One day, while Danny is spying -- behind glasses and a false nose -- he learns that Johnny is having coffee with the local parole officer. Danny tells Shirley who then confronts Johnny. Johnny admits that he is on parole for armed robbery and he must check in with the parole officer in every city.

The following Day, Danny picks up a newspaper and reads about a bank robbery. The suspect is shown with his back to the camera and wearing the same clothes that Johnny always wears. The Partridges don't know what to do.

Danny calls Reuben -- interrupting his attempts to seduce a girl -- and asks him to join them that night. Reuben arrives and goes to the police station in town to see if the holdup suspect has been apprehended. Because he bears a striking resemblance to the suspect, the police take one look at him and throw him in jail.

Shirley, Johnny and Danny go to the jail to bail Reuben out -- and Reuben points an accusing finger at Johnny. But Danny had seen Johnny at the restaurant the day of the holdup and speaks up as a witness. Reuben is released, but Johnny packs his bags to leave -- since no one seems to trust him.

After a lot of apologizing and explaining, the Partridges convince Johnny to stay and they finish the rest of the tour without mishap.

"Rainmaker," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos, and Mike Appel (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Johnny Burnhardt ---------------------------------------- Milt Kamen
Waitress ------------------------------------------------- Yvonne Wilder
Mrs. Weinstock ------------------------------------------ Naomi Stevens
Ingram --------------------------------------------------- Vic Tayback
Desk Sargeant ------------------------------------------- John Lawrence

Tube Trivia:
- Comic Milt Kamen was a regular on "The Sid Caesar Show" and "Perry Como's Krafft Music Hall."
- Yvonne Wilder was a regular on "Operation Petticoat." She played Sheila in Episode 51.
- Vic Tayback is best known as Mel on "Alice," co-starring Dave Madden. He also appeared in Episodes 7 and 70.
- This episode aired on Susan Dey's 19th birthday.

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