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This is the main entrance to the Warner Ranch facilities (formerly the Columbia Ranch) on Hollywood Way in Burbank. It is now owned by Warner Bros. and is the home of the WB Network headquarters. To the left of the guard gate is the entire horseshoe of house exteriors and to the right is where the "downtown" area (remember when Shirley heard "Let the Good Times In" on the transistor radio in the pilot?) and the "western" town (used in the Christmas episode) used to be. They have been torn down, along with most of Convent San Tanco, to make way for a parking lot.

Many PF fans know the story of David and Danny "borrowing" and taking a joyride tour on the bus during a particularly stressful day of shooting (ok, Danny kept flubbing his lines and David was...miffed). Hollywood Way is the street they drove down during that memorable event.

These soundstages were used for filming on the interior sets of "The Partridge Family". The downstairs interiors would have been a full working set, complete with garage and instruments. Each wall would have been constructed to move, if camera angles necessitated their removal. The upstairs set and downstairs set could have been next to each other on one floor, or on a completely different soundstage.

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