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GH: Tell us about the new "Partridge Family" series you just mentioned. What was it about? Who else was in it? What year was this?

SC: It was in 1987, for Columbia Pictures, before Tristar bought them out. Mel Swope was going to produce the show. I was offered a 5-year contract and great pay. I know the storyline: Keith was in England still in a band. He was getting married, so the family was going to England. Laurie was a lawyer in L.A. and couldn't make it. Something happens with the wedding and Keith asks us to perform with him and his band. It was around the time that Fox was the 4th network. I think that is how we would have been on the air.

GH: So David had signed for this show too?

SC: You know, I don't know all the details, but I do know why it didn't happen.

GH: Why is that?

SC: David.

GH: What did he do?

SC: He was ready to go, but I don't think he wanted the rest of us in it. Plus I'm sure he was holding back for more money.

GH: He wanted to do a new "Partridge Family" series without the Partridge Family?

SC: Well, how do I say this. David thinks he is the Partridge Family. Not to say that he was not the star of the show, but one minute he hates the show, the next minute he's singing the songs he said he hated. Unfortunately, David couldn't have become a household name without "The Partridge Family".

GH: Had you seen a script for the show?

SC: No, I was told [the details] by Mel.

GH: Were other cast members signed or interested as well?

SC: I don't remember. I don't know if I asked. I think they would have.

GH: Your husband sent us a great story telling his version of how you met. What are your memories of meeting him?

SC: The key words there arew "His version". For the most part, the story is true. I think he elaborated a little about me playing hard to get. Okay, I had a card for fun that said on the front "MY CARD", nothing else. When someone would ask my phone number, I would say to them "I'll give you my card", and I did. I thought it was funny. Of course, when my husband asked for it, he didn't think it was funny, so I grabbed the card back and wrote my name and phone number.

GH: And the rest, as they say, is history.

SC: Yes.

GH: Do your kids watch The Partridge Family?

SC: Yes, they do now. They think it's cool! Of course, when they were little they thought everyone got a turn. They asked my friend "what show were you in?"

GH: How old are they now?

SC: Samantha is 12, Alexandra is 8.

GH: Have they expressed any interest in getting into the business?

SC: They want me to talk with Paul Witt about the movie he's doing of "The Partridge Family". To get them in it.

GH: Is the Witt "Partridge Family" movie actually on a front burner?

SC: Well, I don't know since last year when I spoke with his assistant.

GH: Bernard Slade mentioned that Paul had optioned the movie rights from him.

SC: Yes. There has been re-write after re-write. The producer from one of the interviews recently told me who they were trying to cast. So, I think it is still in the works.

GH: Care to drop some names?

SC: I don't remember. But it will be probably a satire.

GH: Will you let your daughters get into the business?

SC: Yes, with the right understanding that it is a business.

GH: Do you keep in touch with any of the cast?

SC: Yes, mostly Shirley.

GH: What about Susan? Do you think she intentionally distances herself from the show?

SC: I haven't seen her since I was filming "Mulligan's Stew" and she was filming "Mary Jane Harper". I have the utmost respect for Susan. I don't take any of her career choices personally.

GH: Suzanne, you talked about this briefly on one of our many message boards but for those that missed it, can we talk about Danny's movie briefly?

SC: Sure.

GH: Let's go right to the heart of it: What did you think?

SC: I know movies are not about truth. However, except for Danny's personal life at home, for which I cannot speak, there was hardly a shred of truth.

GH: So there was a lot of dramatic license. Did it make you angry watching it, or was your jaw on the floor in disbelief?

SC: My jaw was on the floor.

GH: You've mentioned that the portrayal of Shirley in particular was upsetting?

SC: Shirley never had the attitude "this is my show" or ever said that.

GH: You said earlier you still stay in contact with Shirley. Have you talked to her about this?

SC: No. There wouldn't be a reason to.

GH: If you hadn't been on the show, do you think you would have been a fan of the show, complete with a crush on David, Danny, or Brian?

SC: To a certain degree, I think I would have been a fan. It was a very entertaining show. I don't know about the crush. Because I know them all personally, that is hard to step away from and be completely honest about what I might have thought or felt.

GH: Did you have any type of fan-girl crush on a TV star when you were younger?

SC: A little on Leif Garrett, Scott Baio.

GH: Ok, Final Question: In the pilot episode, one of Danny's arguments for the band going on tour is so Tracy won't end up working in some "sleazy strip joint". What do you see Tracy doing today?

SC: Wow, I have never thought about that. I would like to say a CEO of a studio, or a mom. I don't know what she would be professionally, but she would be the most important thing - a good person, with a great attitude about life. There you go, I'm good on the spot. I should go into politics.

An excellent answer, and a perfect ending to the interview! Cmongethappy.com would like to thank Suzanne for giving us her time and sharing her Partridge Family memories with us.

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