Written by Richard Bensfield and Perry Grant
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Roger Duchowny
Original Air Date: January 26, 1974

Danny announces his decision to drop out of school. He tells Shirley that he's bored at school and, since he knows how to read and write, he can now pursue his chosen profession -- song writing. Shirley consults the school psychologist and learns that such feelings are common in children Danny's age. The psychologist advises Shirley to let Danny believe he's dropped out; after a while he'll realize how much he misses and needs school. Shirley reluctantly agrees; Danny can stay home and write his songs.

The very first day Danny spends home alone and is bored. He finds that songwriting is not so easy and he misses his friends. He's beginning to get discouraged when he meets millionaire hotel owner Claude Tubble and discovers that Tubble never got beyond sixth grade. Now Danny's all enthused again and wants to become a millionaire.

Shirley feels Danny's gone far enough and gives him an ultimatum -- he must either return to school or get a job. Danny soon learns that there are no budding executive jobs available for 14-year-old drop-outs. He goes to Tubble for a job. Tubble tells him to go back to school, informing him that he's of no use to anyone without a, education. When he graduates, Tubble will give him a job. Humbled, Danny goes to Shirley admitting he's learned his lesson and is ready to go back to school.

"Looking For A Good Time," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen, and Bobby Hart (on Bulletin Board)

Guest Cast:
Claude Tubbles ------------------------------------------------- James Gregory
Miss Farrow ---------------------------------------------------- Mitzi Hoag
Punky Lazaar --------------------------------------------------- Gary Dubin
Pete ------------------------------------------------------------ H. B. Barnum III
Guy # 1 --------------------------------------------------------- Jamie Lamb

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