Written by Martin Cohan
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Herb Wallerstein
Original Air Date: November 3, 1972

Keith is suddenly jolted out of his political apathy when Laurie takes him to a rally where Richard Lawrence, a candidate for Congressman is speaking. Keith is so enthusiastic about the man that he decides to help Lawrence run his campaign. That night, Lawrence, who is handsome and charming besides being an excellent candidate, visits the Partridges to see if they will perform at a rally he is giving. All the kids notice there is an immediate attraction between the politician and Shirley and, in fact, Richard invites their mother out to dinner that very night.

Within a few days there is obviously a budding romance going on between Shirley and Richard, now known as "Dick." But Kith feels insecure about this, afraid he is going to lose his mother. Shirley dispells her son's jealousy by explaining to him that there are some times when she feels very lonely and wants a man's companionship.

Although Richard later loses the election, he flatters Shirley by saying that losing has its advantages, for this way he will not have to go off to Washington and be separated from her.

"One Day At A Time," music and lyrics by Terry Cashman and T.P. West (on Crossword Puzzle)
"Ain't Love Easy," (Shirley solo) music and lyrics by Carol Hall; Produced by Bones Howe (unavailable on commercial LP. Released as a Bell records single)

Guest Cast:
Richard Lawrence -------------------------------------------- Bert Convy
Cathy -------------------------------------------------------- Ann Carol Pearson

Tube Trivia:
- Richard Lawrence returns to visit the Partridge Family in Episode 67.
- Carol Hall wrote the music and lyrics to the Broadway smash, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."
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