Written by Coslough Johnson
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Lou Antonio
Original Air Date: October 15, 1971

Keith, Laurie, Danny and Reuben are playing croquet when Shirley brings them some lemonade. Danny takes a sip and makes a face -- saying he has a slight sore throat. Shirley looks at his throat and takes him right to the doctor, who tells Danny that he must have his tonsils removed.

The doctor and Shirley assure Danny that the operation is very simple. At home, the family acts very nice to him and even let him choose the dinner that night. Danny's friend, Punky Lazaar, comes over and tells Danny that he had his tonsils out and that it was the most harrowing experience of his life -- and Danny believes him.

Shirley tells Danny again that it is a simple operation and he has nothing to worry about. Dannt starts to watch TV and on Marcus Welby, M.D., he hears the doctor talking to a woman on the phone. Dr. Welby asks her if she has told her son the truth -- and she says she feels it is better if her son thinks the operation is a simple one.

That does it for Danny! He relates the TV program to his life and is certain he will die from the operation. He runs an ad in the paper for a red-headed boy to take his place in the group, and when it is time to go to the hospital, he says goodbye to each member of his family and to each room in the house. He even wills them his few possessions.

When Danny wakes up after the operation, he is amazed to find himself among the living. However, he tries to tape his singing voice two days after he came home and is convinced he can no longer sing. The family has to trick him into rehearsal -- they get Punky to wear a red wig and Danny's outfit and the tell Danny they have a terrific replacement for him. Danny is too competitive to let that go by, and he is his old self again.

"Love Is All That I Ever Needed," music and lyrics by David Cassidy and Wes Farrell (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Dr. Milstead -------------------------------------------- Marshall Thompson
Punky Lazaar ------------------------------------------- Gary Dubin
Marcus Welby ------------------------------------------ Robert Young

Tube Trivia:
- Marshall Thompson is best known as Dr. Marsh Tracy on "Daktari."
- This is Gary Dubin's first appearance as Punky Lazaar. He also appeared in episodes 71, 89, 91, 92 and 95.
- Actual footage of "Marcus Welby, M.D." was filmed for this episode.
- Shaun Cassidy (Shirley's son, David's half-brother, and a future teen idol) is one of the boys auditioning to replace Danny. 
- An alternate version of "Love Is All That I Ever Needed" was recorded, called "Love Is All That You Ever Needed", with different lyrics. It was never released on commercial LP.

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