Written by Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Original Air Date: September 17, 1971

The Partridge Family returns home exhausted from a tour only to learn that Reuben has booked them to play next Saturday night. It seems he owes a man a favor. When Shirley hears it is for the Point Loomis Air Force Base, she agrees to do it.

There is one hitch, however. The Partridges must back up Stillman Kelly's daughter, Dora --- 18 years old, beautiful --- who can't sing a note on key. She does her number and each member of the family winces -- except Keith, who's hopelessly smitten with her loveliness and her music ability.

Later, Shirley tries to explain to Keith that Dora's singing is very bad, but he won't believe her. She tells him to listen carefully at the next rehearsal -- he is late and misses it. The Partridges simply can't tell her the truth.

Keith walks Dora home and when he returns, they play a tape for him. The singing is so rotten he quickly turns it off. They break the news to him -- the voice was Dora's! Shocked, Keith promises he will tell her. He comes back later and tells them instead that he and Dora are going steady.

Shirley decides she'll have to tell Stillman. After listening to him describe how he taught his daughter every (wrong) note she knows, Shirley just can't bring herself to tell him the facts. The Partridges turn to Reuben next, and he assures them that he will do what he can.

On the night of the performance, Dora is introduced. As she comes on stage, a roar of cheers and applause from every serviceman drowns out her song. Reuben has dressed her in hot pants! Dora receives a standing ovation and great reviews in the papers, but she decides she doesn't want to pursue a musical career, much to the relief of everyone.

"I Woke Up In Love This Morning," music and lyrics by Irwin Levine and L. Russell Brown (on Sound Magazine)
"I Left My Heart In San Francisco," (Dora) music and lyrics by Douglass Cross and George Cory    (Unreleased on commercial LP) (on Screen Gems Volume 4)

Guest Cast:
Dora Kelly ------------------------------------ Robin Millan
Stillman Kelly --------------------------------- Jack Burns

Tube Trivia:
- This is the first episode of the second season.
- Brian Forster replaces Jeremy Gelbwaks in the role of Chris Partridge. Tiger Beat's Official Partridge Family Magazine introduced him in their August, 1971 issue. To read it, click here!
- This is one of the only episodes to show Tracy playing with her Patti Partridge doll (also available in stores). Wanna see it? Click here!
- Jack Burns was a regular on "The Andy Griffith Show," as well as "Getting Together" with Bobby Sherman. He also co-hosted "The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour with Avery Schreiber.
- The music stays the same, but the theme song lyrics are changed to "C'Mon Get Happy," written by Danny Janssen.
- During the summer hiatus, "I'll Meet You Halfway" was released. It was The Partridge Family's third single, peaking at #9 in June, 1971. At first, Wes Farrell had considered releasing "Morning Rider On The Road" instead (a song Tony Romeo had originally written for Glen Campbell). Strangely, "Morning Rider On The Road" was never used in an episode.
- In early May, while the series was on hiatus, Wes Farrell and the Partridge Family musicians and singers reunite in the studio to start working on songs for "Sound Magazine." (Although the original title  was "The New Partridge Family Album".) The album is released in July. It hits #9 on the charts in September. In August, they start working on "A Partridge Family Christmas Card."
- "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" was the Partridge Family's fourth hit single, rising to #13 on the Billboard charts, on August 21, 1971.

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