Written by Ron Friedman
Produced by Paul Junger Witt
Directed by Harry Falk
Original Air Date: March 12, 1971

Preparing for a Canadian tour, the Family must have their birth certificates The attic produces certificates for all except Danny -- his is not to be found. When introduced to the family, booking agent Marty Burnes jokingly refuses to believe Danny is a Partridge, "not with that hair and those ears," and Danny is convinced he is an adopted child. Shirley tries hard to talk him out of his belief, but Reuben and the others, in trying to kid Danny about his origin, only confirm his opinion he is not a Partridge. At the hospital where all the others were born Danny finds there is no record of his birth. Heartbroken, he refuses to believe Shirley's story that he was born unexpectedly while the family was on a picnic and thus missed the "regular" hospital.

On a return visit to the hospital, Danny learns the name of the one male child born there on his birthday -- a son to a Mr. and Mrs. Young. The phone book provides all the M. Youngs in the city and Danny takes off to find his parents. There ensues a series of very strange confrontations between Danny and his "father." One, Mike Young, a construction worker and single, tells Danny he would have had to be born in Korea. Then Danny meets a priest; and old man wielding an ear trumpet; a widow who produces a 10-year old M. Young -- and catches up with another one in the cemetery. Meanwhile, Shirley and Reuben have contacted the hospital and learned what Danny was doing. They find him at the last address, which is answered by a handsome, black man! Later, a happy Danny admits he has made two mistakes; one, thinking he was adopted and two, not realizing that to be adopted by the Partridge Family would be the greatest compliment anyone could ever be paid.

Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos and Mike Appel (on Up To Date)
"I Can Feel Your Heartbeat," music and lyrics by Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos and Mike Appel (on The Partridge Family Album)

Guest Cast:
Marty Burnes ------------------------------------------- Bernard Fox
Mike Young -------------------------------------------- Art Metrano
Detective ----------------------------------------------- Ned Glass
Orderly ------------------------------------------------- Jim Connell
Mrs. Reinboldt ----------------------------------------- Renie Riano
M. Young ---------------------------------------------- Sid McCoy
Workman ---------------------------------------------- Jeff Burton

Tube Trivia:
- Bernard Fox is best known for playing Dr. Bombay on "Bewitched," Malcolm Meriwether on "The Andy Griffith Show," and Colonel Crittendon on "Hogan's Heroes." He has appeared in countless motion pictures, including "The Mummy" with Brendan Fraser and "Titanic" with Leonardo DiCaprio.
- Ned Glass was a regular on "Julia" and "Bridget Loves Bernie."
- Jim Connell played Gus Gorney in Episode 60.
- While Reuben insists birth certificates are needed for passports, you don't need a passport to cross the US/Canadian border.
- Although Shirley can't locate Danny's birth certificate, she waved it under the noses of several army induction officers in Episode #4.
- "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted" was the second single for The Partridge Family. It was released in January, 1971 and sold a million copies within a month! It reached #6 in March and spent the next three months on the charts. Originally, "Warm My Soul" was to be the second single released, but Wes Farrell opted for this tune instead. David Cassidy has said this song was like "fingers down a blackboard to me" because he despised the spoken part in the middle of the song. So strong was his dislike for the song, he threatened to quit the series over it. The single ultimately sold over 3 million copies, while "Warm My Soul" remained a lost song until David Cassidy re-recorded it for his "Rock Me Baby" solo album. The Partridge Family's version of "Warm My Soul" remained a lost track until David released his "David Cassidy's Partridge Family Favorites" CD through QVC in 1998.

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