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Update: THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON now available in a Three-Disc DVD Set, with a Special "Jump to" Musical Performances Feature

Culver City, CA - Hit the road with television's grooviest family with THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON now on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Available for $29.95 SLP, the three-disc set features all 24 second season episodes and a special "jump to" musical performances feature.

In September of 1970, The Partridge Family burst onto American television screens in their bell-bottomed pants and matching polyester outfits and cemented their place in pop culture. Loosely based on the career of the real-life family group The Cowsills, The Partridge Family centers on a fatherless family of six who decide to form a rock band and tour the country in their psychedelic-painted school bus. The band's members include mom Shirley (Shirley Jones) and her five kids: oldest son Keith (teen idol David Cassidy), keyboardist Laurie (Susan Dey), bassist and get-rich quick schemer Danny (Danny Bonaduce) and the two youngest Partridges, Chris (Brian Forster) and Tracy (Suzanne Crough). The family's frequently exasperated manager Reuben Kincaid (David Madden) rounds out the cast.

The Partridge Family's success crossed over to the pop charts when several Partridge Family songs became genuine hits, including the theme "C'mon, Get Happy," which debuted during this second season, and the number one hit "I Think I Love You." The Partridge Family ran for four seasons on ABC and was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards®, including one for Best Comedy.

In the show's second season, Danny worries about losing his singing voice after he's diagnosed with tonsillitis, director Rob Reiner guest stars as a motorcycle hippie named Snake, and Meredith Baxter ("Family Ties") plays a free-spirited millionaire. Other notable second season guest stars include Gordon Jump ("WKRP in Cincinnati"), Norman Fell ("Three's Company") and famed sports announcer Howard Cosell.

DVD Special Features Include

* "Jump to" Musical Performances Feature ­ Allows viewers to jump directly to musical performances
* Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
* Full Screen Presentations
* Audio: English
* Bonus Previews


1. Dora, Dora, Dora
2. In 25 Words Or Less
3. A Man Called Snake
4. The Undergraduate
5. Anatomy of a Tonsil
6. Whatever Happened to Moby Dick?
7. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge
8. Days of Acne and Roses
9. Tale of Two Hamsters
10. The Forty-Year Itch
11. I Can Get it for You Retail
12. Guess Who's Coming to Drive?
13. Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa
14. Where Do Mermaids Go?
15. Home is Where the Heart Was
16. Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge
17. Waiting for Bolero
18. I Am Curious Partridge
19. My Heart Belongs to a Two-Car Garage
20. Hel-l-l-p
21. Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch
22. The Partridge Papers
23. All's War in Love and Fairs
24. Who is Max Ledbetter and Why is He Saying All Those Horrible Things?

Closed Captioned
Running Time: approximately 606 minutes
DVD Catalog # 12278
UPC Code: 0-43396-12278-9
SLP: $29.95

Enjoy these clips from Season 2!

is also available on DVD!  The DVD is full of great features including never before seen interviews with cast members Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce, cmongethappy.com's Scott Awley, and more.
TV's favorite family of rock n' rollers are back on the bus and ready to groove to the songs you remember: "I Think I Love You,” "I Woke Up In Love,” and “Somebody Wants To Love You." The group’s six members feature Mom, Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) always trying to keep home life normal, and the kids: Keith (David Cassidy), the teen idol; Laurie (Susan Dey), a junior feminist; Danny (Danny Bonaduce), the financial wizard: Chris (Jeremy Gelbwaks), the family drummer; and Tracy (Suzanne Crough), the constant questioner. Let's not forget their exasperated manager Reuben Kinkaid (Dave Madden) always trying to help push their careers along. The series debuted in September of 1970 and helped sell millions of records along the way. Jump back on the bus and get happy again with THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY you remember.


  - Full Screen  Presentations
- Languages:  English
- 4-Disc  Set!
- Jump to the  Musical Performances
- Featurettes:  Boarding the Bus and The Sound of the Partridge
- Audio  Commentary with stars
- CD Sampler featuring 4 songs from the newly released collection Come On Get  Happy! The Very Best of The Partridge Family (which features 17 songs including  4 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED gems, rare photos, new liner notes and a  brilliantly remastered sound. In Stores now).

Enjoy these clips from Season 1!

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First Season Bloopers

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Driving the family bus

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David Cassidy, teen idol

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"I Think I Love You" phenomenon

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Creating the sound of the Partridge family

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