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Ideal box set

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Ricky's Vocal Coach
Ricky's Vocal Coach

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:41 am    Post subject: Ideal box set Reply with quote

Last night, I had trouble falling asleep, so I imagined the "ideal" box set featuring all the albums plus unreleased tracks. I've mixed the unreleased with the albums cuts and tried to start each CD with a key track. I think I've put everything except "Roses in the snow" (a SJ track), "Sweetness" and "Mystical lady" (DC tracks). But I DID put "Ain't love easy" since it was featured on the show. Here is the listing of "The Partridge Family Treasure Box" (LOL) :

DISC 1 :

1. When weíre singing
2. Together
3. Let the good times in
4. All of the things
5. Brand new me
6. Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
7. Bandala
8. I really want to know you
9. Only a moment ago
10. I can feel your heartbeat
11. Iím on the road
12. To be lovers
13. Somebody wants to love you
14. I think I love you
15. Singing my song
16. What a day
17. Lead me on
18. Baby I love, love, love you
19. Bye bye blackbird
20. Morning rider on the road
21. Thatíll be the day
22. Thereís no doubt in my mind
23. Sheíd rather have the rain
24. Iíll leave myself a little time


1. Iíll meet you halfway
2. You are always on my mind
3. Doesnít somebody want to be wanted
4. Iím here, youíre here
5. Umbrella man
6. Lay it on the line
7. My kind of music
8. The Love song
9. Bad time
10. One night stand
11. Brown eyes
12. Echo Valley 2-6809
13. You donít have to tell me
14. Rainmaker
15. Iím on my way back home
16. Itís time that I knew you better
17. Summer days
18. I would have loved you anyway
19. Twenty four hours a day
20. I woke up in love this morning
21. Love is all I ever needed
22. Ba ba ba
23. Stephanie
24. Find peace in your soul


1. Listen to the sound
2. Girl you make my day
3. Every little bit oíyou
4. Something new got old
5. Am I losing you?
6. Last night
7. Itís all in your mind
8. God bless you girl
9. Hello, hello
10. Thereíll come a time
11. If you ever go
12. Every song is you
13. Itís one of those nights (yes love)
14. Friend and a lover
15. Walking in the rain
16. Take good care of her
17. Together weíre better
18. Looking through the eyes of love
19. Maybe someday
20. We gotta get out of this place
21. Storybook love
22. Love must be the answer
23. Somethingís wrong
24. As long as youíre there


1. Breaking up is hard to do
2. I donít care
3. Me loving you
4. One day at a time
5. Sunshine
6. As long as thereís you
7. Itís a long way to heaven
8. Now that you got me where you want me
9. It means Iím in love with you
10. Come on love
11. I go your love all over me
12. Let your love go
13. It sounds like youíre saying hello
14. Itís you
15. Sunshine eyes
16. Ainít love easy
17. I was running the opposite way
18. Iím into something good
19. I wanna be with you
20. How long is too long?
21. Iíll never get over you
22. Alone too long
23. I heard you singing your song
24. Thatís the way it is with you


1. Címon get happy
2. Money money
3. Roller coaster
4. Looking for a good time
5. Oh no, not my baby
6. I wouldnít put nothing on you
7. Where do we go from here ?
8. Crying in the rain
9. Working on a groovy thing
10. When loveís talked about
11. My kind of music
12. Warmy soul
13. My Christmas card to you
14. White Christmas
15. Santa Claus is coming to town
16. Blue Christmas
17. Jingle bells
18. The Christmas song
19. Rockiní around the Christmas tree
20. Winter wonderland
21. Frosty the snowman
22. Sleigh ride
23. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
24. Whale song

Let me know what you would change. The artwork for the CDs could be : the season 1 promotional picture in front of the bus in red velvet costumes; the "At home with their greatest hits" picture; the "Shopping bag" picture with the flowers; the group picture with the green and yellow velvet costumes; and, maybe, on the 5th disc, the picture that appears on the "Bulletin board" album. Finally the box set picture could be the 6 color partridges as in the artwork for the show.

NOW I'm going for a nap!
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Ricky's Vocal Coach
Ricky's Vocal Coach

Joined: 02 Jun 2005
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Location: Vancouver, BC

PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I so want this set.
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