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Shirley Jones: A Memoir

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Tracy's Sitter
Tracy's Sitter

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:12 am    Post subject: Shirley Jones: A Memoir Reply with quote

Shirley Jones' memoir will be published on July 23, 2013. I am definitely looking forward to reading it but I must say I am disappointed at what she has chosen to disclose in her memoirs. I believe some things should be kept private.

I personally feel it is totally unnecessary for her to reveal of her sexual relations and preferences with her ex-husband Jack Cassidy. I also find it disturbing that she chose to write about the size of both Jack's and David's "manhood", even going so far as to write that David's nickname was "Donk".

She also writes of a night when Anthony Newley persuaded her and Jack to take off their clothes and watch porn with him and then-wife Joan Collins.

I've always held her in very high regard. She's an immensely talented, gifted performer. I feel she should have taken the high road when committing her life story to print.

I'm not a prude by any means but I do believe in discretion. I'm well aware she's had sexual relations, after all she bore Jack Cassidy two sons. but I can do without the graphic details of sexual encounters and descriptions of genitalia. It wasn't needed.

I'm sure there is an audience for this kind of thing, in this day and age people want all the gory details: warts and all, but I feel there should be a limit and I feel she's not doing herself or the memory of Jack Cassidy any favors by revealing these things.

I wish she would have taken a different approach but ultimately it is her life and her decision in the end to present her life story in this way.

I don't necessarily agree with it. But it is what it is.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Controversy sells books.

Same-old tired PR bios do not.

DC wrote extensively about "Donk" in both his books, so it's old news. Tacky, yes, but old.

As far as sex, one doesn't become an automatic nun by hitting a certain age. Is it uncomfortable to think of people we saw as our surrogate parents having sex?

Of course. But that's our problem, not theirs. We don't have to buy or read or discuss it if we're really not interested.

Shirley Jones' biography was not written for the "Morality Watchdogs". Though many will probably "find their own peephole" to view it through.

This is not aimed at anyone here. We're all cooler than that.
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