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Shirley Jones on Trapped In TV Guide!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 3:32 am    Post subject: Shirley Jones on Trapped In TV Guide! Reply with quote

Please, please, PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who, while channel surfing earlier tonight (8:00 PDT) wasn't the only one forced to endure The TV Guide Channel's prankfest, "Trapped In TV Guide!" Shocked because of the promise of an (eventual) appearance by Shirley Jones.

The show began with statistics: 42% of those polled preferred The Partridge Family to BOTH Josie and The Pussycats, and The Monkees. Though I, personally, loved ALL of them at one time or another, PF being my ULTIMATE favorite, naturally. Laughing

Host Tracy Gold (of "Growing Pains" fame) introduced the first scenario: "C'mon, Get Crappy, er, Trappy", the premise being that of single Mom Ms. Pidgeon, whose musical brood consisted of Pete, Laura (who would later practice L.A. law Rolling Eyes, Donny (destined for rehab later in life Mad), the Little Drummer Boy who didn't even warrant a name, and Tracy(?), an overaged, twin-ponytailed nymphette, all of whom possessed all the musical talent of (as Dave Madden himself once so eloquently put it) whooping cranes. The Pidgeons' manager, Rudy, just wasn't getting the job done, so Mom decided to replace him.

The two respective victims, um, interviewees, were "treated" to a sad warbling of a pair of tunes entitled: "Bell Bottom Blues" and "Sunshine Dancer" Shocked
Shocked. But not before Mom decided to fire Tracy, (later encouraging the new, would-be managers to step in and play tambourine in her place) then insisting each, in turn, fire Rudy. At some point, Mom announced that she and her brood WEREN'T The Partridge Famiy (No sh*t, Sherlock), despite the "similarities", leading to the inevitable revelation that the entire set-up was merely a televised prank show, of which they were unwitting participants. Relief and good humor were then expresse by all.

The WORST part was that it wasn't even REMOTELY funny!!! At least the Brady Bunch movies were AMUSING (even to their most devoted fans)!!! This so-called "parody" was just BAAAAD!!! Mad Crying or Very sad (And I don't mean in a GOOD way).

As if THIS weren't torture enough, Twisted Evil I was FORCED to endure yet ANOTHER segment, this one based on a "Will And Grace" episode, during which I did dishes, finishing in time to FINALLY see Shirley. Looking lovely as ever (and, it seemed to me, just a bit chagrined to be there), there she sat, all silvery hair, radiant smile and girlishly slim figure in tailored pantsuit with exquisite accessories, answering the usual, banal questions with her usual grace: The craziest thing that ever happened on the PF set was the wearing of those ridiculously hot chicken costumes; Susan had a giant, unrequieted crush on David; Shirley dislikes reality TV as she prefers actors, well, acting; she was approached to do a reality show, but turned away the offer; she thinks Danny is a super-talented, super-smart soul,but is disappointed in his choice to do "Breaking Bonaduce", and yes, she still feels like his mom after all these years; the powers that were at the time wanted to replace the departing David with 6'2", Australian singer/actor Rick Springfield, but didn't (Gee, I wonder WHY they changed their minds Rolling Eyes). The two women then touched on the fact that Shirley had had another show following The Partridge Family, The Shirley Show, where Tracy portrayed her daughter.

::Sigh:: After all that, all I can say is: The things we do for our "Family". Wink
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