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I've Got Your Love (make that Quality) All Over Me

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Simone's Groomer
Simone's Groomer

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2005 3:45 am    Post subject: I've Got Your Love (make that Quality) All Over Me Reply with quote

Watching the show all these years later, I can really see the "Screen Gems" quality stamped all over The Partridge Family. It seemed Screen Gems always delivered a good quality production, for the most part, on their shows.

Bewitched, Jeannie, Gidget and others were always well-paced, with great staging, good dialogue and background music and those fantastic outdoor shots.

Watch any episode of the Partridge Family and you'll notice a lot of authentic outdoor scenes. You have to figure it was far easier and economical to light and shoot a so-called outdoor scene on an indoor set designed to look like the outdoors (or even worse, to prop your actors against a big screen!)

All those 1-2 minute outdoor shots must have taken so much time to do, what with miking for sound, set-ups for each close-up of actors in a scene, plus the wide-angle/master shots. Then think for a minute of the challange of filming several close-ups of individual actors as they are riding in the bus- again, it could have been done much easier and cheaper on an indoor set. I applaud Screen Gems for not taking the short cut. Those outdoor shots really add something extra to the shows.

One other thing: I love the background music on this show, espcecially Shorty Rogers' work on the first season. Oddly, the first season often had elements that were more dramatic than comedic. The background music of the first season even seemed to have a more serious, less "sit-com" edge to it.
I think that worked well for the first season, as it focused more on the characters and their adjusting to their new life, rather than just being a "HA-HA" crank-out-the-jokes type of show. That attention to story development seems to be something lacking in a lot of sit-coms today.

Some episodes of The Partridge Family could almost just as easily play as straight drama, and yet there are genuine laughs in the script ("Road Song," "When Mother Gets Married" and "The Red Woodloe Story" are great examples of what I mean here.)

I hope more people will get to see these shows and either re-discover or see for the first time just how a good show is produced. Hey, Gidget was so well produced by Screen Gems, my nephews couldn't believe it was done way back in '65! I think The Partridge Family has that same fantastic timeless quality.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2005 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well said, ATIEN! Very Happy You've echoed many sentiments I have as well, and have had since childhood. Although I was "weaned" on I Love Lucy and thus have always preferred my sitcoms being shot the way they did that show - i.e., on a soundstage like a play in front of a live audience -- most all of my other favorites were those one-camera, filmed-like-a-movie-with-laughtrack-added-later classics produced by Screen Gems. :)

From Hazel and Donna Reed to Jeannie, Bewitched and TPF, so many of my personal childhood favorites were Screen Gems product, all utilizing at one point or another the oh-so-familiar "Blondie Street" homes, the "Friends" fountain and that swimming pool that we all know so well. Laughing Except for "special" episodes that actually went on location (like Jeannie going to Hawaii or Bewitched to Salem, MA), they never had to leave the ranch! Heck, the Partridges toured Europe and went back to the old west and never left the ranch in the process! Wink

As with all the Desilu product that's sitting in a vault somewhere rotting, since the advent and popularity of cable channels like N@N and TVLand, I've wished that someone would have the foresight to take advantage of Screen Gems HUGE old sitcom library and "create" a cable channel that shows nothing but these great old shows that nobody bothers airing anymore. It'd be such a kick to be able to see them again, at least one more time. Alas, I'm just a sentimental old fool. Confused
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Logan Mays II
Chris' Buddy
Chris' Buddy

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 12:34 am    Post subject: Great Post Reply with quote

Hi Logan Mays II here ATIEN i too like your thoughts on Screen Gems product . Joey a Screen Gems cable channel one can only dream Very Happy
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