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Danny Partridge, Private Eye

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Mrs. Cassidy
Ricky's Vocal Coach
Ricky's Vocal Coach

Joined: 01 Dec 2010
Posts: 25
Location: Taco Stand!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:06 pm    Post subject: Danny Partridge, Private Eye Reply with quote

NOTE: First off, this is not a RoundRobin, rather, it's written only by me.

SUMMARY: After a hilarious chain of events, a suspicious Danny comes to the conclusion that his mother's new boyfriend is a murderer. Determined to find the truth, will Danny save his family before it's too late or will he instead wreck his mother's relationship?

TITLE: Danny Partridge, Private Eye

I hope you enjoy it! Very Happy

Chapter 1: Lovesick

"Mom?" Danny asked thoughtfully, struggling to carry a suitcase up the stairs to the Partridge Family bus. He dropped it at his feet and stared at his mother intensely. His pale, freckled face was a picture of all seriousness and his eyebrows furrowed together. "Tell me the truth. Is there something going on we don't know about?"
Shirley bit her lip to resist the urge to burst into laughter. "That you
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Mrs Keith Partridge
Bus Mechanic
Bus Mechanic

Joined: 12 Nov 2010
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Location: In David Cassidy's Arms

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh wow, this is so good! I could imagine it playing out in my head and everything!
Post when there's more! .....and add some more cute scenes with Keith, if ya don't mind Cool
~ Miranda~
Just a girl born in the wrong decade.

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Mrs. Cassidy
Ricky's Vocal Coach
Ricky's Vocal Coach

Joined: 01 Dec 2010
Posts: 25
Location: Taco Stand!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks! Anyway, I've already got Chapters 1-8 written, which were started before my gargantuan crush on "Keith" came along. I'll try to add some cute Keith bits in future chapters though.

Here's Chapter Two: On The Road
"YOUR IN WHAT?" Danny gaped.
Shirley rolled her eyes. "You make it sound as if my falling in love is some great tragedy."
Danny stammered. "Well- it is a tragedy, for the lucky guy your crushing on. I mean, no offense, mom, but aren't you kind of old to live such a glamorous love life?"
Shirley heaved a sigh. "First of all Danny, it is not just a crush, he likes me back. Secondly, I'm not all that old and I could hardly describe my life as glamorous."
Laurie smiled knowingly. "Mom's right. Your never to old to have a love life." She said matter-of-factly.
Danny snorted. "HA!"
Keith nudged him, playfully."What, you don' t think mom is sexy enough to attract men?"
Shirley joined in, pretending to be offended. She turned around to face the back seats of the bus. "Yes Danny, is that what your trying to say? Because, pardon me if I say so, but I like to believe that men find me quite sexy."
Danny shrugged dubiously. "Well, that's true. I guess if you're related to me, that automatically makes you sexy."
It was Keith's turn to snort. "HA!"
Their argument ceased when Shirley turned the keys into the ignition and headed down the street. The colorful bus was on it's way to week-long tour in Los Angeles where they would perform at an extremely fancy theater for a talent show and stay at an extremely fancy hotel.
They hadn't driven yet ten yards when the bus skidded to a halt, turned a perfect U-turn and pulled back up to the house. "We forgot our luggage!" Shirley explained in disbelief.
Sure enough, Reuben was standing outside on the sidewalk, waiting for them. Having retrieved the fallen suitcases, his hands were now totally full, and he was waving Tracy's rag doll around, frantically trying to get their attention. His flushed face and bulging eyes made the whole thing pretty funny.
Shirley hopped out of the bus and helped Reuben load the bus.
"All right then." Reuben said, when they were finished. "I'll meet you at the hotel in three days.
Shirley nodded, relieved. "Uh-huh."
"DON''T HURRY!" Danny called, his head sticking out of the bus window.
Reuben smiled wearily, yet happily. "Don't worry, Danny. Believe me, there's no hurry."
Once again, the Partridge Family loaded the bus. This time, Shirley was more cautious. "Everybody got everything they need to have, and did everything they need to do?" She asked finally.
"WAIT!" Tracy exclaimed, scurrying out of the bus and wrapping Reuben into a hug. "Bye Mr. Kincaid!" She grabbed her doll from Rueben and hurried back onto the bus.
As the colorful bus drove into the distance, you could hear the echoes of their "BYES!"They were finally on their way.
Usually, the activity on the Partridge Family bus varied from either the license plate game (or a game Chris and Tracy made up, where you have to sit in the back and wave at the people driving behind you through the back window. Whoever gets the most people to wave back wins) or singing along to the tunes they would be playing at their upcoming concert. Today, however, the conversation just kept coming back to Shirley's new boyfriend. It was understandable. It was, actually, the first boyfriend Shirley had ever had since the death of her husband. And, however much they hated to admit it, they were all a bit uncertain about the changes it would cause for them.
The typical conversation on the bus that day went like this:
Shirley: Well, kids, I hope you'll take this as good news.
Kids: What?
Shirley: Well you know my friend-
Danny: You mean your boyfriend.
Shirley (sternly) is in L.A as well. And the talent show- He's in it! In fact, our acts are right next to each other's!
Keith: So we'll meet him?
Shirley: I'd really like you all too. He's an old high school sweetheart of mine. We've just started to meet each last month. I think you'll all like him. He really is a very nice man.
Danny (sarcastically) I'm sure.
Laurie: Mom, I think it's great your finally reconnecting with some men out there.
Shirley: Well, I'm glad to hear that Laurie.
Danny: I don't think it's any good at all.
Shirley: Danny! What is it with you today?
Laurie: Yeah, Danny. What's wrong with Mom dating men?
Keith: Yeah, the only real reason you'd have to worry is if she wasn't dating men!
Keith: (offended) Well I thought that was funny.
Laurie: Mom, I'm worried.
Shirley: About what?
Laurie: Well about your boyfriend being in the same hotel as you and all. I mean, let's not rush things.
Shirley: I'm sure I can handle it on my own, Laurie thank you very much. Besides, he's not in the same hotel as me. He's in another one nearby.
Tracy: Does your boyfriend have a name?
Shirley: Yes he does, it's Walter.
Danny: (sarcastically) I'll write that down.
Chris: Mom, can you promise me something?
Shirley: Depends on what it is.
Chris: Can you promise not to kiss your boyfriend in front of me?
Shirley: Chris, we're not kissing each other! We just really enjoy each other's company.
Danny: Pretty soon they will be though and you know what that means...
That was when Shirley just snapped. "Danny! I've had enough! The next gas station we see we are pulling over and I'm going to have a talk with you! This has got to stop!"
Danny gulped.
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Official Partridge-in-Training
Official Partridge-in-Training

Joined: 09 Jun 2005
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Location: St. Louis, MO

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool. I hope you don't mind if as you write these I copy and paste them to my E-reader to preserve and read.
Kathy in St. Louis
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Mrs. Cassidy
Ricky's Vocal Coach
Ricky's Vocal Coach

Joined: 01 Dec 2010
Posts: 25
Location: Taco Stand!!!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To Kathy: No, I don't mind. Enjoy part 3!

Shirley pulled over as they reached a gas station. "Wow." She muttered, under her breath. "36 cents a gallon! Prices are getting steep these days." She paused. "I just can't take it any more."
"The prices?" Laurie asked.
"No," Shirley replied coolly. "Danny."
Keith slapped his knee and started a fit of historical laughter. Danny gave him a loathsome look.
"Danny, I have to have a talk to you." Shirley said sternly.
"But mom." Danny protested in a wounded voice. "In front of Keith? Come on, that's humiliating!"
Shirley nodded, and grabbed him by the wrist, practically dragging him out of the bus. "Then we'll just have to talk outside." She said through gritted teeth. The two figures stood outside the bus, arguing. Any one watching would have seen feet stamp, arms flailing, and hands on hips. And, almost any innocent bystander would agree, it was just a matter of time before the words, "YOUR GROUNDED!" would be uttered and the tears would start.
But they didn't know Danny.
"Look." Shirley said, trying unsuccessfully to control her anger. "You've been acting like a- a-" She waved her arms, looking for the words.
"RAT FINK!" Keith supplied through the bus's open window. Turning around, they could see four smirking faces giggling behind their hands.
Shirley nodded. "Yes! That's it! A rat fink, ever since I mentioned my boyfriend."
Danny looked at her. "I thought you didn't like it when we use the word rat fink." He murmured quietly, hanging his head.
"That's not the point. All I want to know is why. Why this sudden- transformation into a rat fink? This bitterness?"
"I'm sorry mom." Danny confessed earnestly. "Really. I'll stop sulking. I promise."
Shirley's head tilted.
Danny rushed on. "I really do!" He continued, melodramatically,
"I give you my word." He nodded his red head reassuringly. His eyes twinkled, and he added frankly, "In fact, it's a 100 percent guarantee! Would you like some collateral for that,ma'm? I could sign a contract if you want." He whipped a pen out of his shirt pocket.
Shirley's face broke out into a warm smile. "Thank you, Danny. But I don't want you to apologize. I want you to tell me why you were acting like that. I mean, there must be a reason. You don't normally act like a-"
Danny smiled shamefacedly. "Ratfink."
Shirley crossed her arms and stood back. "What's the matter?"
Danny stuffed his hands in his pockets and began to whistle. He stared into space before saying casually, "Oh ,nothing."
His eyes met hers. Danny squinted, finally giving in."It has to do with your boyfriend."
Shirley gasped, and her hands flew to her cheeks, her eyes dramatically wide. "Really?"
Danny nodded sincerely. "Yes. As hard it is to believe, it's true. All of this was because of your boyfriend."
Shirley put her hands on her hips. "Noooo."
Danny laid his hand on her shoulder. "I know you have a hard time thinking of a reason why I, Danny Partridge, model son and whiz kid, could have a reason to hate your boyfriend. Especially without even giving him a chance, without even meeting him, without being even within a mile distance of him. But it's the sad truth. Everybody's a judge these days, including me."
Shirley's eyes widened in annoyance. She sucked in her breath and said, "Please, Danny, tell me. I'm asking you this because I want to help you. I want to know your innermost dreams and desires. I want to understand what this is all about. I want to understand you."
Danny shook his head, his usual impish grin returning to his face. "Mom, there's alot of things you don't understand about me. And, you never will." He shrugged.
Shirley nodded. "Knowing you, I think that's very true. I give up. All is forgiven." She gave him a playful shove. " Back in the bus."
Danny marched up the stairs and used the seats as a crutch to swing himself to the back seat. He was about to take a seat when he noticed the peculiar looks of his brothers and sisters. Their eyes followed him.
"What?" He demanded to know. The eyes didn't move off of didn't even blink. He laughed. "WHAT?"
"What's the reason?" Laurie asked.
Danny shooed them away with his hands. "You'll never know."
"How come is it a secret?" Tracy asked, her smile growing wider.
Chris joined in. "If it is I want to know!"
Danny was clearly enjoying having a piece of information that nobody knew, and he was going to keep it that way. He just kicked up his feet, crossed his arms and tucked his arms behind his head. He didn't say a word. He didn't have to. His triumphant grin said it all.
The bus started and they were on their way. For about ten minutes, it was dead silent, a rare event for the kids Finally someone broke the eerie quiet. If you guessed Danny, you were right.
"This quiet thing is giving me the creeps! Whatsa matter with everybody?" He turned to Keith for an explanation.
Keith squinted at him, as if he was seeing Danny in a whole new light.
"What is the reason you were acting like a rat fink?
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Mrs Keith Partridge
Bus Mechanic
Bus Mechanic

Joined: 12 Nov 2010
Posts: 8
Location: In David Cassidy's Arms

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oooooo i liked Shirley getting all "discipline-ey" with Danny LOL

the story's just getting better and better!
~ Miranda~
Just a girl born in the wrong decade.

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