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Repost: Mr. Anonymous

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Greely Winger
The Newest Partridge!
The Newest Partridge!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:32 pm    Post subject: Repost: Mr. Anonymous Reply with quote

I found this story I saved from the old board.
I'm still looking for Haley Ann's. What was the name of her story?


Author Comment
Posts: 54
(2/24/02 4:23:53 pm)
Reply Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous
Genre: romance/mystery
Time: the 70's (of course)

It's a a nice, snowy Valentines Day morning. Laurie Partridge,just arriving at school, passed red and pink crepe paper,balloons,and flowers to get to her locker. As she openes it she notices something at the bottom of it. She picks it up. Its a small box of chocolates and three red roses. Attached to them was an envelope that said : LAURIE. The letters had been cut out of magazines or newspapers and pasted on.She opened it. It said:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Hey, I think I love you.

Mr. Anonymous

How did this person get into my locker she thought to herself. She just shruggged and went to her first class.

Hello, Hello
Posts: 85
(2/25/02 9:04:10 am)
Reply Mr. Anonymous
When she walked into Home Economics, she could feel the other girls staring at her, as if they were in on a secret. She tried to ignore them as they watched her every move. Just as everyone began to gather ingredients for the day's recipe, the class was interupted and Laurie was called to the Principal's office. "Oh No, Not again!" Laurie thought as she tried to recall if she had done any special "favors" for her closest friends. But her thoughts were interupted when every girl in class began to giggle as she walked toward the door. She turned to face them and the girls returned to their cooking, as if they didn't want Laurie to know what they knew. Laurie began to think she was imagining things, but as she closed the classroom door behind her, she heard them giggling again. Something was definitely going on, and she didn't like all the nonsense!

Lu groovychick1970
Lay it on the Line
Posts: 324
(2/26/02 1:25:02 am)
Reply Re: Mr. Anonymous
Laurie walked quickly to Principal Brown's office. As she turned the corner, she saw about a half a dozen students buzzing around the open door. On tip toes, she tried to see over the kids heads as to what it was about. Her friend, Belinda Paine, noticed Laurie.

"Hey everybody! It's the Valentine Girl"! Belinda shouted.
Immediately the crowd parted and Laurie saw the inside of Mr. Brown's office. On every chair, desk, shelf, and even on the floor were balloons, flowers, chocolates, a china doll, you name it, even a keyboard shaped music box. It still didn't sink in. "What's all this"? Laurie asked.
Mr. Brown appeared from behind a large arrangement of yellow tulips. "Miss Partridge, San Pueblo High is not in the habit of receiving such a massive display for just ONE student", he said with a slight smirk. Do you know the sender of these gifts?"
Laurie felt her face flush. "You mean, this is all for me?" The small crowd of kids all twittered in agreement. "This is the biggest thing to hit San Pueblo high ever!" Belinda squealed. "Read the cards!"
Laurie took a card from the small hands of the china doll. Nervously, she opened the envelope and read,

"Roses are Red, Tulips are Yellow,
I long for the day when we say hello."

Her mind was racing. Who could have done all this? She was beyond embarrassed. "Mr. Brown, I apologize for all this. I'll have my brothers come after school and pick all this up as soon as possible."

Mr. Brown ordered everyone out and back to class. Belinda followed Laurie down the hall. "Well? Who do you think this Mystery Man is??" Laurie was a bit giddy, but kind of nervous at the same time. "I haven't the faintest idea", she replied. I guess I have alot of detective work ahead of me. Unless this person comes forward."
Laurie didn't know how she would get through the rest of the day. This was certainly going to be a long one.

Sheriff Swell
Lay It/Round Robin Moderator
Posts: 265
(2/26/02 11:32:03 pm)
Re: Mr. Anonymous
In the cafeteria, Laurie Partridge a/k/a "valentine girl" sat reading her English textbook. Belinda who was beside herself with the excitement of the day, replayed the morning events as if laurie needed reminding!

"Oh Laurie stop pretending you don't care!" Belinda nudged, "Aren't you just bursting to know who Mr. Annymous is?"
"I don't know." Laurie replied after taking a bite of sandwich.

You see despite being a performer, Laurie she was clearly not comfortable with all the attention she received. The room buzzed from the earlier excitement. Looking up from her book, Laurie eyed the room as heart shaped paper airplanes flew in her direction.

Belinda, an obvious hopeless romantic looked astonished at her friend. "Laurie, how can you say you don't know?"

"I don't know". Laurie replied, "I mean sure I'm curious but....I'm pretty busy Belinda -

"Busy?!" Belinda said cutting her off, "What do you mean about busy? What can be more important than true love?"

Laurie smiled at her friend, secretly wishing more romantic attention was paid her way. "True love? How do you know its true love?"

Belinda's eyes twinkled as she closed Laurie's book. "I just know" she replied.

Laurie dismissed the remark. "Have you forgotten the english paper due tomorrow? I haven't even started the book! I have tutoring after school - I don't have time for all this!"

Belinda shook her head in disapproval. "There's always time for love Laurie".

Edited by: Sheriff Swell at: 2/26/02 11:53:54 pm

On the Road
Posts: 30
(3/5/02 1:13:37 pm)
Reply Mr. Anonymous
"Belinda, will you excuse me? I need to go make a phone call." Laurie edged past her friend to the payphone in the foyer. She needed to call her mom for some consolation and advice. After dialing the number, Keith answered the phone. It was his "light day" at college. "Hi Keith, is Mom home?" she asked. "No, she isn't, but I'd LOVE to take a message for you". Keith teased. Desperate for someone to talk to, Laurie spilled out her Valentines Day story to Keith. "Well Laurie, next thing I know you'll be wanting to borrow my Bolero album!"
"Be serious!" "what am I going to do!?" I am a little curious, but this is embarassing to be in the school spotlight like this!" "Keith, I really need your advice!"
"Well Laurie, all I can offer are the words to the new song I'm working on..."Come on love, come on in, come and let my life begin.." "Just stop worrying, and let things happen!"
"Well, OK, I'll give that some thought,but can you just come after school and help me haul all this stuff home?
"Yeah, I could give you a hand." "I'll see ya later."
"OK, bye." Laurie hung up the phone and walked half heartedly to her locker. Were there any more surprises in store for her today? She didn't notice the person watching her out of the window of a nearby classroom...

Posts: 58
(3/23/02 1:34:57 pm)
Reply Mr. Anonymous
~~Later that night~~

" You should have seen it all" Keith told the family,"there as i walked in were MOUNDS of candy and roses as far as the eye could see I didnt think I would ever be able to carry them all out."
"Oh, stop exagerating" insisted Lauire.
"I'm not-"
RRRRRRRRRRRIIINGGG. Mrs. Partridge picked up the phone.
"Hello....Laurie its for you." Laurie picked up the phone.
"Hello," A deep muffled voice spoke into the phone, "is this Laurie Partridge?"
"Did you like my little gifts?"
"Who is this?"
"Let's just say I'm a big fan" The person said and hung up. A confused Laurie put down the phone.
"Who was that?" asked Danny.
"He said he was a 'big fan'" she replied.

Lu groovychick1970
Lay it on the Line
Posts: 345
(3/24/02 3:56:06 am)
Reply Mr. Anonymous
Laurie felt uneasy. After dinner she went out into the garage. Keith had unloaded all of the gifts and put them out there, since there was no room in the house. Laurie hadn't seen anything like this since Ambassador Howard Lipton had showered Shirley with gifts. Laurie walked among the sea of arrangements. She began looking through some of the gift cards attached to the items. Most of them had poems, or just read, "Mr. Anonymous". This certainly was a mystery. The voice on the phone didn't sound familiar at all. Laurie racked her brain trying to figure out who this mystery guy could be. She thought of all the guys she had dated lately: Paul Bruner, Greeley Winger, Howard Krump, Greg Houser, Snake, Wendell, even Lester Braddock crossed her mind, but he was the most unlikely suspect. She was just about to give up and go back inside the house when a card caught her eye. She picked it up and opened it. There was a photo inside! The image was fuzzy, and the person had covered part of his face. Could this be the sender? Laurie immediately started for the house, shouting, "MOM! Everybody, come quick! I've found something!"

Sheriff Swell
Lay It/Round Robin Moderator
Posts: 281
(4/5/02 8:33:57 am)
Re: Mr. Anonymous
In the Partridge kitchen, Shirley, Keith, Danny and Reuben were sitting at the table. Reuben was presenting the itinerary for tour to take place over the kids upcoming "winter break" from school.

"Do you think the bus will make it to Chicago Reuben?" Shiley asked innocently. Keith and Danny giggled. "The only thing Mr. Kincaid knows about buses" Danny replied with a snort, "is what color fuzzy dice to hang on his rear view mirror!" Keith and Danny giggled some more.

The phone rang and Shirley got up to answer it.

"Now Boys" Shirley cautioned Keith and Danny. "Hello!" She said cheerfully. "Hello?" After waiting a moment, she hung up the phone. "I guess that was a wrong number" Shirley sat back down and took a drink of her coffee.

Keith sighed, "Don't worry about it Mom I'll push the bus to Chicago if I have to, (Singing) 'its my kind of town...Chicago is....."

"Save your voice for the tour Keith - you don't want to wear it out!" Danny ribbed him.

Laurie then burst through the door excitedly! "Didn't you hear me calling you?! I found something that can help solve this mystery!"

Laurie produced the fuzzy photo and they all gazed at it.

"Gosh Keith there really is someone uglier than you!" Danny remarked.

Keith's mouth widened but Reuben cut in, "Y'know Danny I seem to remember a whole set of publicty photos of you that came out as photogenic as this!"

"I can't make this out at all" said Keith, "Maybe I could take it over to the taco stand someone else might be able to figure it out."

Reuben took a closer look at the photo. I have a better idea. Let me take the photo down to the police department, I have some friends over there who might be able to give us an ID.

The phone again and Shirley answered it. "Hello.....hello! Is anyone there??!" Shirley said with slight annoyance in her voice. After waiting another moment, she hung up. "Must abe a day for wrong numbers!" she said.

Laurie took the photo back from Reuben. "I don't know Reuben....wouldn't I have to make a complaint or something? I don't want to get him in trouble! He's probably some very sweet guy and..."

"Maybe a little twisted" Danny said. Keith chimed in, "but then all her boyfriends are!"

Chris and Tracy entered the kitchen. Tracy jumped onto Reuben's lap.

"Reuben thats a good idea. Laurie you should go down to the police station and make complaint."

"But Mom...." Laurie protested.

"I'm sorry Laurie I know you always see the good in people, but this guy has me worried."

"Yeah you are getting more candy and flowers than Keith - and he is the hearthrob of the group! Danny said nudging his older brother.

"Maybe he's just lovesick" Tracy said innocently.

"He might be a stalker!" Shirley exclaimed. I'm worried about your safety Laurie."

The phone rang once again. "Laurie would you answer that? I don't think I have the patience after all these wrong numbers"

Laurie answered the phone. "Hello? Uh.....hello?" She took the phone away from her ear for a moment and turned to her Mother, "Must be another wrong..." She put the phone back to her ear, " Uhh..what? What?! Oh - oh my!!" She shouted! Laurie slammed down the phone redfaced and began to shake!

Posts: 66
(4/21/02 3:26:20 pm)
Reply Mr. Anonymous
"Oh my goodness Laurie are you alright, who was that?" Asked Shirley rushing to her daughters side. Laurie collapsed onto the floor, as she tries to get back up she stumbles."Oh it was no one mom, I just felt a little sick all of the sudden. I'm sure if i get a good night's sleep I will be good as new" Shirley looks skeptical. "Well if you say so. You are having a hard time keeping your balance...Keith could you carry Laurie to her room?" "Sure thing" Keith scoops up Laurie "Come on sis" Keith carries her into her room. The second her head hit the pillow she was sound asleep.


"I am going to get some more pudding, I'll be right back" Laurie told Belinda. A boy walked by with a tray of food. The boy was new to the school, he had long dark shaggy hair and seemed rather shy.As Laurie got up she bumped into him and milk spilled all over her clothes."Oh no" said Laurie. " I am so sorry" The boy said. Mr Brown saw the incident and came over. "Would you like to call your mother to bring you some clothes to change into Miss Partridge?" "Yes Please" He lead her into the office. She dialed and waited and waited. There was no answer. "Mr. Brown," she asked, "Could I please go into the locker room and change into my gym clothes?" "Yes" He replied. So She went into the locker room, opened her locker, and started changing. CLICK CLICK. Laurie turned around. "Who's there?" she asked and looked around. Oh its just my imagination she told herself and continued changing.


It is after school and, there is a large crowd of boys in the boy's bathroom. They are all surrounding several blown up pictures of Laurie Partidge in her underwear. Keith who had to pick up Laurie from school had to use the restroom. As he went in he saw the large crowd. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about he pushed he way through. "Excuse me, pardon me" and then when he got to the front he saw the pictures!

Come on Love
Posts: 273
(5/8/02 9:00:55 am)
Re: Mr. Anonymous
Keith couldn't believe what he saw and immediately tore the pictures down, and thought to himself "That's the last straw, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna find out who's behind all of this!"

Posts: 72
(6/4/02 9:03:50 pm)
Reply mr. anonymous
(I know i am supposed to wait until 2 posts but seeing as how there has been no new posts for almost a month I think you'll forgive me. Maybe i can get Lu's creative juices going )

Keith gets into the car looking furious. Laurie looks at him. "Whats wrong with you???" "THIS is whats wrong" he says shoving the pictures at Laurie. Laurie gasps. "Any idea who this guy is?" Keith asked. "Nope" "Well," Keith started "I am gonna find out and when I do well... let's just say it won't be pretty."


RIIIING Laurie picks up the phone. "Hello" "Hello is this...Laurie Partridge?" Laurie recognized the deep muffled voice. "WHO IS THIS???" "This is Mr. Anonymous meet me tonight at the taco stand in 45 minutes" And he immediately hung up. "Who was that?" Danny asked. "Mr. anonymous wants me to meet him at the taco stand in 45 minutes. Keith looks at her "I'm going with you"

Lu groovychick1970
Roller Coaster
Posts: 455
(6/5/02 5:31:34 am)
Reply Re: mr. anonymous
(Gee, thanks PJ, ok, I'll give it a try... )

Shirley overhearing this, immediately interjected, "Wait a minute. I am NOT going to let you go meet this....this 'person' alone! I'm going to call the police". "Mom, wait, you'll scare him away!" Keith replied. "Well, I'm not just going to stand by and watch the two of you put yourselves in danger!" Shirley retorted. "You're already in way over your heads". Keith sighed. "That's not how Perry Mason would handle it". Shirley shot him a look. Laurie sat on the sofa. She was scared, but trying to think rationally. "Hey, I know!" said Danny. "Why don't we ALL go, and ambush him!" Keith looked at Danny. "There you go again. You've been talking like that ever since you saw 'Patton'". "Well, there IS strength in numbers". Danny replied. Laurie was still curiously silent during this whole exchange. "Honey, are you alright"? Shirley asked as she sat next to her daughter. "Oh, I'm fine," she replied. "I'm just wondering, what kind of dangerous person would call to ask me to meet him at the Taco Stand? I mean, he has to know I wouldn't go there alone, not with all that's happened. It must be someone I know. Maybe he just wants to apologize". Keith was putting on his jacket. "Apologize! What idiot would want to apologize for sending a crazy amount of gifts, and then taking those pictures? I'm going after him."
Shirley rose and stood between Keith and the front door. "Keith, you are NOT going to take the law into your own hands. I'm not going to let you do it!" Laurie followed Keith. "Mom, we've got to find out who he is! Why don't you let Keith and I go, and if we're not back in half an hour, send the police." Shirley scowled. "I don't like it." But she knew her persistent kids had their minds made up. "Besides Mom," Laurie added, "If I get into trouble, I can always run for help, I don't need Keith to do it for me". Keith looked at Laurie. "That is the LAST time you use that line! Now come on."

It was dusk when Keith pulled up a block away from the Taco Stand. The stand would be closing in an hour and they wanted to keep a safe distance to see if Mr. Anonymous would show up. There was only a small group of kids around. "See anything?" Keith asked. Laurie strained her eyes to see better. "I don't think so.....wait, look over there, at that table on the side....there's someone sitting at it!" Keith parked under a large shade tree to be less noticeable. He got out of the car. Laurie followed. "I don't believe it", Keith said. "A guy sitting alone, with candles on the table, and 2 violinists standing nearby?" He looked at Laurie, they were both puzzled. "Looks like something from a movie!" Laurie said. "C'mon let's go..." Keith grabbed Laurie's arm and said, "Wait a minute! You can't go there alone!" Laurie stopped. "Keith, I don't think this guy would call this much attention to himself if he was dangerous. Let me go, you stay here and watch, you'll know if I need you." Laurie approached the table. Some of the kids that were left lingering glanced at her. They smiled, and turned back to their tables. As Laurie drew closer, the figure at the table turned and faced her. He smiled. "I'm so glad you came". He said. He had a pink rose in his hand. "This is for you". Laurie couldn't believe her eyes. As she took the rose, her face flooded with recognition. She blushed, both shocked and relieved at the same time. She stammered, "I.....I ....I can't believe it's YOU!"

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Sheriff Swell
Lay It/Round Robin Moderator
Posts: 311
(6/9/02 10:26:27 pm)
Reply Re: mr. anonymous
Snake snapped his fingers and the violinists began playing a classical version of "I think I Love You".

"Snake!" Laurie said finally. "What's going on? I mean...all this...flowers....and poetry....Violins? why?!"

"You don't like the violins?" Snake asked her blankly. He snapped and the violinists stopped playing.

"Not the violins Snake!"

Snake snapped and the music started again. "Are you disappointed its me Laurie?" Snake asked.

"I don't understand Snake. I mean...the flowers were lovely" she said as she uncounciously crushed the roses in her hand. "But you're....you're...Snake and....."

"....I'm not good enough for you. I know". Snake said as he blew out the candles and hung his head.

"No thats not what I mean. You are my friend...we're friends. Why all the mystery?" Laurie asked gently.

"I suppose I figured it would get your attention. Once I had your attention I hoped you would find it romantic enough to be interested in me".

"Well Snake you did more than catch my attention - but you didn't have to go through all this trouble to get it". Gaining momentum, Laurie got into his face, "I've been scared it was some nut after me - and you've worried my whole family - especially my Mom!"

Snake stopped the music once again. "What do you mean? I sent flowers and candies and stuff like that but how could that scare you?"

"The weird phone calls....and those pictures! Why....where did you...." Laure said breaking down.

"What do you mean weird phone calls? What pictures?" a puzzled Snake asked.

"The pictures that were in the boys bathroom....you know the one's of me....in my....uh...birthday suit?"

Snake took her trembling hand. "Honest Laurie I don't know anything about those pictures.....I haven't been 'round school in a while".

"Really?" Laurie asked as she looked into his eyes. "Then who did it!"

"I was working with a friend and had him make the phone calls - but I told him to just be romantic - nothing weird or scary. I knew if you heard my voice you....it would spoil the mystery and then you'd lose interest in me".

"So it was your friend who made the weird phone calls - but where did he get the pictures? Oh my god Mom's right - I do have a stalker! You're friend is certainly NO friend of mine Snake! Who is this creep? I want to know - and I want to know NOW!!!"

The crushed petals fell to the ground........
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