In our continuing series of Partridge Profiles, cmongethappy.com is thrilled to announce that we have just interviewed Background Vocalist Ron Hicklin! While we finish formatting the interview (and Tom Bahler's as well), we wanted to share some incredible information that Ron pulled from his personal files and shared with us! The following is what we feel is THE definitive song list of all Partridge Family songs ever recorded!! That's right: Album Songs! Episode Songs. Lost Songs!

Below you'll find the recording dates for each song and which vocalists were present each day (you will notice that two vocalists, always uncredited -- Stan Farber and Jerry Whitman -- were also present on certain days -- but more on them, later!). Since the Background Vocalists recorded their parts after David Cassidy laid down the lead track, this is believed the be the "definitive" song list! Keep in mind that this list does not include David's solo work. As more information is shared with us, we will share it with you! (Special thanks to Lisa for providing corrections!)

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Songs indicated in RED are songs that were not included on any commercially-released album during the Partridge Family years as well as tracks that were previously unknown. Some of these songs were later included on compilation CDs, which are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Note: Unless otherwise noted in BLUE, sessions included:
Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, John Bahler and Jackie Ward

December 18, 1969 (First Recording Session)
Who: Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, John Bahler, Jackie Ward, Stan Farber
Let The Good Times In

December 21, 1969
Who: Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, John Bahler, Jackie Ward, Stan Farber
What A Day
(Originally Planned For Pilot, But Scrapped)

May 11, 1970
Somebody Wants to Love You
Lead Me On
I Think I Love You

May 16, 1970
Singing My Song (Listed as "We Can Make Everything All Right")
Thatíll Be The Day
Sheíd Rather Have The Rain
Only A Moment Ago
I Really Want To Know You
I Leave Myself A Little Time
On The Road

June 11, 1970
On The Road (Re-Record)
Singing My Song (Re-Record)

August 4, 1970
To Be Lovers
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque
Baby I Love, Love, Love You

August 5, 1970
Bye, Bye Blackbird
My Kind Of Music
Find Peace In Your Soul
All Of The Things
Brand New Me (Listed as "Come on Down")
The Love Song
Bad Time

November 12, 1970
Who: Ron Hicklin, John Bahler, Jackie Ward, Stan Farber
Doesnít Somebody Want To Be Wanted
Iíll Meet You Halfway
Iím Here Youíre Here
You Are Always On My Mind
Umbrella Man

November 13, 1970
Morning Rider On The Road
Warm My Soul*
Thereís No Doubt In My Mind
Lay It On The Line

May 4, 1971
Echo Valley 2-6809
I Would Have Loved You Anyway
Brown Eyes
Listen To The Sound
Iím On My Way Back Home

May 5, 1971
One Night Stand
Twenty-Four Hours A Day
Itís Time I Knew You Better*
I Woke Up In Love This Morning
You Donít Have To Tell Me

May 11, 1971
Love Is All That I Ever Needed

May 13, 1971
Who: Tom And John Bahler Only
Summer Days

June 7, 1971
Summer Days

June 25, 1971
Who/What: Bobby Sherman session.
Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, Jackie Ward featured as backup singers
along with other studio singers not associated with the PF.

August 25, 1971
White Christmas
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Last Night
Hello Hello
Evíry Little Bit Oí You

August 26, 1971
Jingle Bells
Frosty The Snowman
Winter Wonderland
Blue Christmas
Rockiní Around The Christmas Tree

August 28, 1971
The Christmas Song
My Christmas Card To You
Sleigh Ride
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

September 4, 1971
Sleigh Ride (Re-Record)
As Long As Thereís You
If You Ever Go
It One Of Those Nights (Yes, Love)
Every Song Is You
Come On Love
God Bless You Girl

December 16, 1971
Something New Got Old
Am I Losing You
Thereíll Come A Time
Itís All In Your Mind
Girl, You Make My Day
I Donít Care

May 1, 1972
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
One Day At A Time
Itís You
Me Loving You
Love Must Be The Answer
Take Good Care Of Her
We Gotta Get Outta This Place
Somethingís Wrong
Together Weíre Better
It Sounds Like Youíre Saying Hello
It Means Iím In Love With You
Sunshine Eyes

May 23, 1972
Who: John Bahler, Ron Hicklin, Jackie Ward, Stan Farber
It Means Iím In Love With You (Re-Record)

June 14, 1972
What: Shirley Jones session produced by Bones Howe and Bob Alcivar.
Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler featured as backup singers
along with other studio singers not associated with the PF.
While documents do not specifically say what was recorded that day, it is probably safe to assume:
Whale Song (not produced by Howe, however)
Ainít Love Easy

September 4, 1972
Storybook Love
Let Your Love Go
As Long As Youíre There

September 22, 1972
Who: Ron Hicklin, Jackie Ward, Tom Bahler, Jerry Whitman
Maybe Someday
Now That Youíve Got Me Where You Want Me
Itís A Long Way To Heaven
Walking In The Rain
Iíve Got Your Love All Over Me
Friend And A Lover

July 25, 1973
Money, Money
Iíll Never Get Over You
Alone Too Long
Oh No Not My Baby
I Was Running The Opposite Way
Iím Into Something Good

July 26, 1973
I Wouldnít Put Nothing Over On You
I Wanna Be With You

September 4, 1973
I Heard You Singing Your Song
Crying In The Rain
Roller Coaster
Working On A Groovy Thing
Looking For A Good Time
How Long Is Too Long

September 5, 1973
Thatís The Way It Is With You
Where Do We Go From Here
When Loveís Talked About

Missing Songs:
Sweetness* (understandable, as this was a David Cassidy demo)
Mystical Lady* (understandable, as this was a David Cassidy demo)

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